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In the Name of God

The main goals of the activities in the public relations of an organization should be such that the personel feel like their benefits are the same as the organization's benefits.  In other words, they should feel the loss of company is their own loss and the benefit of the company is their own benefit as well.

The strength of the public relation department is in its eligibility and sincereness.  With wisely efforts of the public relation department, it can create a sence of assurance and  trust in people for the activities of the company and its managers.

The public relation is not on the sidelines but it is in the text, it is within the management and not outside it.  These are selected sentences of professor Hamid Notghi, the father of the public relations in Iran, which shows the importance of public relations in organizations.

In the world that has turned into a universal village and encounters with lots of information every day, the public relation plays a more important role .

The public relations of Shahab Danesh university tries honestly and eagerly to play an important role in achieving cultural and scientif goals of university by publishing  news of different parts of the university.

The goals which its consequences are improvement of the students and promotion of our country of Iran.

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Public Relations of Shahab Danesh University