Inspection and Evaluation Office Inspection and Evaluation Office

Inspection and Evaluation Office

In the Name of God

The Responsibilities of the Inspection and Evaluation Office are:

A)  Generals (under supervision of presidency of the institute):

1.     Establishing a Committee for inspection and evaluation based on approved regulations;

2.     Having relationships with the inspection and evaluation office of Qom university and Ministry of Science;

3.     Reviewing different methods of evaluation in higher education institutes;

4.     Discovering challenges, opportunities, and threats in institute;

5.     Cooperation in preparation of five-year programs and long-term plans of the institute and monitoring the good performance of them;

6.     Supervision on proper use of informatics for upgrading the services to students for all activities virtually;

7.     Collection of all statistics of institute and upgrading, analyzing them;

8.     Preparation of monthly reports for president of institute containing the advantages and disadvantages of the institute in comparison with other prestigious universities;

9.     Creating necessary bases for transforming the institute into a university within the next four years at the most;

10.Offering necessary suggestions to central council, educational committee, the founding board, and the board of trustees for upgrading the institute;

11.Supervision on good performance of regulations and orders approved by authorities.

B)   Related affairs on regulations of management in institutes (under supervision of presidency of institute):

12.Precise knowledge of details of new regulations in management of institutes and higher education institutions;

13.Supervision on good performance of instructions;

14.Supervision on honesty of members of council;

15.Supervision on executing regular meetings of council and ensuring of correctness of related minutes of the meetings;

16.Supervision on good performance of duties assigned to managers and the council;

C)   Related affairs on faculties of institute (with cooperation with education department):

17. Supervision on employment of qualified faculties, especially in associate professor levels and higher;

18.Supervision on following up the affairs related to faculty members of the institute, including academic licenses, general admissions, yearly promotions, changing in its status, its promotion;

19.Supervision on completeness of documents of faculty members, invited professors, scholarship  or military service plan of professors, and timely actions for each step of employment of faculty members;

20. Supervision on evaluations that have been performed by students on professors and reporting to education council via education department.

21.Preparing report on quality of education in institute based on patterns which are set by country monitoring and evaluation council;

22.Evaluation of teaching method of faculty members and invited professors and trying to choose the best method of teaching for each subject;

23.Offering suggestions for conducting courses and workshops for faculty members to promote the quality of education;

24.Supervision on procedure to handle the complaints from faculty members.

D)  Related affairs on principals and employees (with cooperation of Finance and Administration Office):

25.Preparation and arranging necessary indeces for evaluation of effectiveness of different departments of the institute;

26.Periodical evaluation of different sections of institute and presentation of results to decision making centers and related authorities;

27.Unannounced visits of different sections of institute without previous announcement;

28.Evaluation of performance of principals and employees through questionairs given to students in conferences;

29.Offering suggestions and necessary solutions, with cooperation with Finance and Administrative Department, to related councils to increase the satisfaction and decrease the students’ complaints from different sections;

30.Supervision on employment of qualified and effective man powers;

31. Supervision on matching the employments with the organization chart and approved positions in the board of trustees;

32.Offering suggestions on modification of organization chart and approved positions in the board of trustees;

33.Supervision on employment of suitable number of personels in each department based on the number of students in each year and number of referrals and the needed budget amount;

34.Selection of best employee in each year.