Honors: Honors:


Some Honors of University of Shahab Danesh are:

§  One of the seven dominant private universities of the country among 344 private higher education institutes of the country in 1392;

§  Achieving the first level in all rankings of Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology;

§  Acceptance of 70 undergraduates of the institute in excellent governmental universities such as University of Tehran, University of Sharif, University of Amir-Kabir, University of Science and Industry, etc.… in 1396;

§  Definitive acceptance of Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology

 with upgrading Shahab Danesh Higher Education Institute to University of Shahab Danesh in Aban of 1396.

§  Receiving Micronic official academic permission with possibility of holding courses, international examinations, international certificates (the first and the only official academy in province of Qom) in Mordad of 1396.

Student’s Honors

o   Ranked first in international tournaments of Iran-Open 2012;

o   Ranked third in international tournaments of Iran-Open 2015 in industrial robotics league;

o   Ranked first in robotic tournaments of Amir-Kabir university and fourth Kharazmi tournaments;

o   Ranked ninth out of 43 participating teams in Quadrotor League in international tournaments of Iran-Open 2017;

o   Chosen as selected team in fifth national game development tournaments in 1395;

o   Achievement of the only quotas in ACM tournaments in Sharif university in Qom branch in 1395;

o   Receiving two gold medals in national competitions of skills by students in 1393 in the fields of industrial control and landscape designing;

o   Receiving bronze medal in tournament of “Eurasia free cup of Armenia” by electrical engineering student in 1396.